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Natural stones with geometric shapes


  • Pyramids

    We have a great variety of natural stones with pyramid shape, handcrafted with the best crystals.

    You can find these natural stones with smooth shape or reiki symbols on their sides, as well as with the stones of the chakras.

    You can buy these pyramids in different sizes, which are listed on each product page.

    You can use the power of the crystal pyramids in different ways, being ideal for reiki grills, as well as to energize environments and objects.

    We have different prices for professionals.

  • Points and obelisks

    Buy now these magnificent natural stones with obelisk shape and quartz points.

    They are made with the finest materials and crystals, such as quartz, tourmaline, crystal quartz and white quartz.

    The points and obelisks are used for channeling energy and are widely used both in reiki and in gemotherapy, as they also can be loaded and programmed. The white quartz generates and transfers positive energy, while it blocks and transmutes negative energy.

    To buy wholesale, refer to the "Wholesaler Zone".

  • Spheres and Eggs

    In this category you can buy crystal balls, spheres and eggs of different sizes, made from a great variety of crystals.

    There are available for sale crystal quartz balls and other crystals as jasper, lapis lazuli, tourmaline, ruby, etc.

    According to the concept of the energy of shapes, the sphere is a geometric solid of great strength.

    The use of stones for crafting balls and spheres adds to this powerful form the properties of the crystals.

    Therefore, many people when buy a ball, whether as a decorative element or for esoteric practices, they prefer it is carved on a stone that brings more energy power.

    Spheres, also called balls, have an ancient mystical significance.

    The sphere represents perfection in three dimensions. It is also a symbol of wholeness and power of creation.

    In the physical world, everything expands in all directions without impediment generates a sphere, such as sound waves, the explosions, the air that inflates a soap bubble...

    But, besides the aspect of expansion there is the property of concentration, which can be determined by observing a magic ball that naturally concentrates the diffuse and weak light at a single point of great intensity.

    So that there are no mistakes when buying in "Spheres" category, we suggest you carefully check the descriptions and measurements of each product as it is difficult to assess the size of each ball on its image.

To see all products of Geometric Forms please visit the subcategories.

Geometric Forms 

In this section we show you a large selection of natural stones with different geometric shapes such as pyramids, balls or spheres, and obelisks and points.

Each form has a different attribute, as well as a different way to transmit energy and protection.

They are products made with natural stones with different crystals such as quartz, tourmaline, crystal rock, jasper, etc.

We have special prices for wholesale customers and advantages in shipping retail purchase.

Prices are shown in retail (including 21% VAT).