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In this section, dedicated to the sale of semi precious stones, we stand out for offering a great variety of natural stones strands of high quality and at a good price for later personal assembly, so that you can carry out your own creations and designs.

Beads of quartz, amethyst, agate, jade or jasper are examples of what you will find in the category of natural stones beads.

Semi precious stones for every taste

We offer variety in the type of stones and in their size and shape, because the tastes of those who will wear the bijouterie ornaments can be very different: there are people who prefer small details, but others, however, are more flashiness inclined.

For that reason, we offer stones into strands of various sizes, from the smallest diameter of 6 mm to the largest, which can reach 14 mm.

And not only in size, the variety is also in the shapes: round, faceted, lentil or olive, chips, square or oval beads, etc. We offer the widest variety of shapes and sizes you can think of so that you can unleash fantasy when designing these pieces for people of all kinds, or in ourselves.

Stones for all kinds of ornaments

Such stones are used for both assembling bijouterie ornaments and jewelry pieces. You can use these natural stones beads for anything you want, from the most daring earrings to the most classic necklace, from a simple pendant to the most sophisticated bracelet. There is a perfect stone for each design and we can offer it.

In addition, the sale is made both retail and wholesale. If you want to take advantage of our prices for professionals, please seek access as wholesale customer. We also have stock to always ensure prompt service.

When searching for the best semi precious stones, in the widest range of shapes, sizes and colors and at the best price, UniaArt offers the widest range in the market.