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Turkish eye, amulet for protection against the evil eye

The Turkish eye is an important and recognized amulet that protects against the evil eye cast by people and caused by envy or anger.

It is a very ancient symbol, used by various cultures and very popular to this day. The countries that use the Turkish eye the most are Greece, Turkey, Egypt (among others) and countries in the Middle East. In addition, this symbol knows no borders and has become popular around the world as the most powerful of the amulets against the evil eye.

The origins of the Turkish eye

The belief about the evil eye arises more than 5000 years ago. Specifically, the first references to these energies were found on clay tablets from 3000 BC.

The inhabitants of the Mediterranean believed in the bad energies produced by the envy of other people. Consequently, the Nazar Boncugu (amulet which we call the Turkish eye) began to be used in a common way.

Its use was widespread in Turkey, Greece and even Egypt and people used to put them as decoration in their home. In addition, they also made jewelry with this amulet so that they could wear it daily and be protected from any evil eye.

Why is the Turkish eye blue?

The Turkish eye is recognizable and characteristic for its blue color. But, what is the reason to use this color and not another?

Various sources indicate that the Turkish eye began to be used by the Turkish people (at that time the peoples of Anatolia) due to the invasion of the Nordic peoples. As the Norse had blue eyes, the inhabitants of the invaded villages consequently created a blue eye in order to block and protect themselves from the evil eye generated by the invaders from the north.

Lifespan of a Turkish eye

The Turkish eye is an amulet that accumulates negative energies inside. This amulet has a useful life and it ends when it no longer has the ability to absorb bad energies. Consequently, the Turkish eye is broken letting us know that it has done its job. At this point, all we have to do is change the Turkish eye for another.

Due to this behavior, it is very important that this amulet is made of glass or other materials that can break (it would be useless, for example, a Turkish eye made of plastic).

How amulets against the evil eye work with the Turkish eye

The Turkish eye has a very peculiar way of acting. Like other amulets against the evil eye, the Turkish eye should be visible to all. Unlike other talismans against evil, the material it is made of is very important for it to work.

The Turkish eye protects against the evil eye when it is made of glass or other material that can break. This is very important since, as explained above, it is believed that when it receives a very strong charge of bad energies, the amulet breaks and eliminates all evil.

There are several ways to wear a Turkish eye to protect yourself or your home against the evil eye:

Turkish eye wall amulet

A Turkish eye at the entrance of the house or on the first wall that the visitor sees when entering the house will protect the whole home against the evil eye and negative energies. The larger and more visible the Turkish eye is, the greater its effectiveness.

Many times these decorative amulets for the home are attached to various traditional forms and in various materials.

For example, we find wooden ornaments (in the shape of a tree, the hand of Fatima, an owl ...) with magnets on the back to be able to stick them on a metal surface such as the house's icebox. They are also available in a hanging mat format with beautiful upholstery drawings. Finally, if we want to opt for a simpler and more traditional option, we can choose a large glass Turkish eye and even a hand of Fatima made entirely of glass with various Turkish eye charms to hang in the home.

Turkish Eye Keychain

One of the great virtues of the Turkish eye is that it is a very versatile amulet. With which, as long as it is visible by the person who envies us or attacks us with an evil eye: the Turkish eye will do its job.

Consequently, many people wear Turkish eye keychains. They come in various forms: in the hand of Fatima (as the Egyptians did), in owls and elephants (as the Greeks did), in dolphins and in many other options.

With which, it is always good and positive to wear a Turkish eye charm on top. So, for example, when you take out the keys to open your guests, the possible evil eye will be neutralized.

Turkish eye bracelet

A Turkish eye bracelet is very suitable since it is a visible ornament and there are models that have several glass eyes. The more the merrier, but you always have note that the Turkish eye has to be made of a material that breaks easily.

Turkish eye pendant or necklace

A Turkish eye as a pendant on a chain or necklace is the most popular way to wear this powerful amulet, as long as the person is visible to others. A Turkish eye pendant is an amulet against the evil eye that can be worn by both men and women and people of all ages. Even so, and depending on the size of the amulet, it is recommended that special care be taken with children so that they do not swallow it.

Turkish eye amulet associated with other good luck talismans

It is very common to use the Turkish eye associated with other good luck talismans. The symbols most used with the Turkish eye are the hand of Fatima in Arab countries and the owl in Greece.

Today, in addition to these traditional symbols, the Turkish eye is being used together with other talismans such as butterflies, elephants and turtles.

With that, it is possible to remove the evil eye and attract good luck.

We offer you this amulet in the form of a keychain and a pendant with different decorative figures of animals such as: butterflies, elephants, owls and turtles.

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At UniArt we are wholesalers of charms imported from Turkey with the Turkish eye.

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The amulets against the evil eye from Turkey are made according to the traditional techniques of artisan glass making.

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