24 leatherette keychains with acrylic turkish evil eyes

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Lot of 24 leatherette keychains with acrylic Turkish eyes.

Take 24 keyrings for the price of 20.

The discount applied to the batch of 24 units is approximately 16.5% in relation to the wholesale price of the unit product.

These keychains are made of leatherette and decorated with acrylic Turkish eyes and thermo-etched drawings.

In the lot 2 models and 4 colors are included in a balanced way.

The price corresponds to a lot with 24 units, being 3 units of each model and color.

The approximate measurements of each model are:

Elephant: about 8 cm x 5 cm in total.

Owl: about 9.5 cm x 5 cm in total.

The colors are: Yellow, greyish olive, skin brown and blue.

Handmade product from Turkey.

This offer is specially directed at professional clients.



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Turkish evil eye

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