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Meaning of tourmaline:

The origin of the name tourmaline and its meaning is not entirely clear. It is possible that it comes from one of these two words in the Sinhalese language, "touramalli", which means something similar to stone of mixed colors or "turamali" which means stone that attracts ashes.

The two hypotheses refer to the characteristics of the tourmaline stone .

In the first, the meaning of tourmaline would be related to the variety of colors that this mineral presents and the second would refer to the properties of tourmaline as a pyroelectric stone capable of attracting small particles of matter when exposed to heat.

The name tourmaline is used commercially for all types of stones in the mineral tourmaline group. This mineral group has a great complexity which explains its impressive and wide range of tones and colors. A slight difference in the chemical composition of tourmaline results in completely different colors.

History of Tourmaline as a semi-precious stone:

The history of tourmaline is somewhat recent, however, there are indications of its presence since time immemorial. The semi-precious stones of the tourmaline family were confused with other minerals and for centuries identified, due to their varied coloration, like other stones such as sapphire, ruby ​​or emerald.

The Schorl (plover) variety, which is black tourmaline , was first described by the German mineralogist Johannes Mathesius in 1524 but without being associated with the other types of tourmaline.

Only at the end of the 19th century, thanks to the development of modern mineralogy and the peculiar pyroelectric property of tourmaline, this family of gems was recognized as a mineral species and the term tourmaline, used by miners in Sri Lanka.

The identification of what tourmaline is as a mineral group was late but today we know that the rubies of South America, which adorned the crown of Russia in the 16th century, as well as the beautiful Brazilian emeralds widely spread among the European nobles in the 17th century were actually colored tourmalines.

Today we know about forty minerals from the tourmaline group that are classified not only by their chemical composition but also by their color, being the black tourmaline of the chorlo variety , the most abundant and well-known .

Very recently in the history of mineralogy, in 1989, a variety of tourmaline never seen before was found in the state of Paraíba in Brazil. With an electric blue color and incomparable beauty, this tourmaline quickly became one of the most coveted gems in the world of fine jewelry and suddenly acquired a very high commercial value.

This tourmaline is called Paraíba tourmaline.

Tourmaline and its properties

Being one of the groups of the most complex silicates in the chemical composition, the group of minerals of tourmaline presents many variations in its chemical structure.

Due to these variations we can find several different minerals belonging to this group and classified as tourmalines. In addition, there is the occurrence of a vast range of colors, shades and tonalities.

Tourmaline crystallizes according to the trigonal crystal system. Generally, tourmaline crystals have a triangular section and form long columns with parallel striations on the surface of the mineral.

Surely the most surprising properties of tourmaline are its pyroelectric and piezoelectric properties.

Another property of tourmaline is the emission of far infrared rays.

Black, green, pink and blue Tourmaline:

According to their colors, the most prized and known tourmaline varieties are the chorlo variety, which is black tourmaline , rubellite , which is ruby ​​pink tourmaline, and indigolite which is blue tourmaline, verdelite or uvita which is green tourmaline, Paraíba tourmaline which has a fiery blue color and the watermelon tourmaline which is a mixture of colors arranged in radial bands resembling the cross section of a watermelon.

Characteristics and properties of black tourmaline:

Black tourmaline is the most common variety being also the most used for the use of its pyroelectric and piezoelectric properties.

Roughly it can be said that these properties of black tourmaline enable the generation of electrical charges when the tourmaline undergoes changes in pressure or temperature. These properties can also work in reverse. Black tourmaline subjected to an electric field produces mechanical stress.

Based on these physical phenomena, many companies are using black tourmaline to produce materials that apparently benefit health and provide well-being.

A large number of patents were granted internationally related to products that contain black tourmaline and that are designed to take advantage of its properties.

Hair straightening devices, fabrics for making garments that inhibit electromagnetic radiation and at the same time emit infrared rays, pillows and mattresses for a full rest and the elimination of stress, floor coverings and carpets that generate ions negative to balance energy fields at home among other products, all containing black tourmaline in its composition.

Although there are no conclusive studies, the properties of black tourmaline are being widely used to benefit health and achieve physical and mental well-being.

Also at the esoteric level, black tourmaline has achieved great importance and probably that also derives from the physical phenomena relevant to tourmaline.

In the metaphysical scene, black tourmaline is considered a protective stone with powerful energetic properties and is normally used in the raw state.

It is credited with the ability to neutralize the electromagnetic and electrostatic cloud generated by electronic devices and Wi-Fi networks. Likewise, it is attributed the power to eliminate negative energies, whether on a spiritual or physical level.

To achieve these purifying effects it would be enough to buy a raw black tourmaline of reasonable size and place it in the environment that we use the most in the house.

Black tourmaline is also well known as a powerful amulet against the evil eye and long used to neutralize harmful spiritual influences and effects on the psyche caused by toxic people.

Raw tourmaline:

Raw tourmaline has long ceased to be the exclusive interest of collectors.

With so many energetic qualities given to tourmaline, many people want to buy raw tourmaline to enjoy its benefits even if they are not supported by science.

For those who want to acquire their first raw tourmaline, it is important to find out how this mineral is presented.

Raw tourmaline is available for sale in pieces that can be of a wide variety of sizes.

Normally you can buy raw tourmaline by weight, mainly if you buy tourmaline in bulk, but you can also find unit pieces for sale.

Green, pink or blue tourmalines appear in the form of fine and elongated crystals, generally embedded in the matrix that can contain quartz, calcite or even sea water.

Raw black tourmaline:

The raw black tourmaline or plover occurs in larger formations, reaching significant dimensions.

They are elongated pieces that closely resemble a thin trunk of a charred tree, they frequently suffer the loss of small pieces, mainly when handled, as if it were constantly producing dust.

This characteristic is not a fault, it is completely normal in natural pieces that have not been treated or stabilized with resins in an artificial way.

This type of raw black tourmaline is also called cathedral tourmaline due to its elongated appearance and its gothic air. It is the most precious variety for those who seek to buy tourmaline as a protection stone.

Tourmaline stone products:

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Esoterics give tourmaline magical and protective energetic properties.

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