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UniArt: the best store to buy wholesale mineral jewelry

We are specialists in the sale of wholesale jewelry. UniArt, a mineral wholesaler, has a full range of quality natural semiprecious stone jewelry at low prices.

We import and distribute wholesale jewelry from India, Brazil, Africa among other countries.

In our wholesale store you can buy handmade jewelry with minerals and offer your customers pieces full of art and meaning.

To benefit from our special prices for online jewelry professionals request access to the wholesale area.

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Make your own jewelry with natural semi-precious stones:

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We offer you all kinds of natural stone beads so that you can assemble your bracelets, necklaces, macrame work and fashion accessories. Give wings to your creativity with our semiprecious stones.

Esoteric jewellery:

Amulet with mineral

Amulets with minerals

Luck, protection, money, love…

Benefit from the energy of the minerals together with the powers of the amulets.

Jewellery with stones of the Chakras

Jewellery with the stones of the Chakras

Let the vital energy flow with the help of the stones of the seven Chakras.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is considered jewelry?

The word costume jewelery encompasses a very wide range of products. They are generally ornaments and fashion accessories that do not contain parts of precious metals such as silver or gold and therefore cannot be considered as jewelry.

What is the difference between costume jewelery and jewelry?

From a general point of view, the differences are the materials used, costume jewelery has a more accessible price since it does not use noble metals and, in turn, jewelery has gold, silver or platinum, more expensive metals. From a legal point of view, only objects made of noble metals and that have been verified by a laboratory to certify the purity of the material can be considered jewels.

What are the jewelery stones called?

Normally in jewelery semiprecious stones are used in the format of cabochons or perforated beads for stringing. These stones are called stone beads and if the stones are aligned then they are called strips of stones for jewelry.

What is handmade jewelry?

Handmade jewelry can be considered as any product that in at least one stage of its production has used manual labor.

Does jewelry cause allergies?

Allergies are reactions triggered by allergenic agents and, depending on each person and type of allergy, may be different. So jewelry does not cause allergies to a non-allergic person but it can trigger allergic processes in people who are predisposed and sensitive to some component of said jewelry. To avoid these unpleasant reactions, people who suffer from them should know the components that cause them allergy and avoid using pieces that contain them or of unknown composition.