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In this section you have a wide variety of jewelry and bijouterie made with crystals and semi precious stones of different sizes, shapes and colors.

We sell a lot of fashion accessories such as rings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets and earrings, all made with crystals and semi precious stones. All these products are handmade pieces that for being manufactured in these materials, in addition to being decorative and fashionable, have special characteristics.

And it is that the properties of crystals are many and varied, depending on the crystal chosen.

In our shop we have rings and all kinds of bijouterie in gemstones and semi precious stones like tiger eye, tourmaline, rose quartz, crystal quartz, quartz of different colors, green aventurine, orange aventurine, blue aventurine, turquenite, lapis lazuli, carnelian, jades of various colors, geodes, etc.

The sale of jewelry and bijouterie is made both retail and wholesale. To take advantage of our prices for professionals please seek access to the wholesale area.