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What is moonstone?

Moonstone actually refers to some varieties of feldspar such as adularia, white labradorite, albite, and hecatolyte.

What really defines moonstone is its appearance. Its color is white towards transparency and presents an impressive optical effect called adularescence, which is very similar to labradorescence but with much more bluish reflections that also appear in the transparent parts of the stone.

Feldspars are a group of minerals that include several stones including the varieties of moonstone, labradorite, sunstone and amazonite.

True Moonstone vs False Moonstone:

Although there are some varieties of moonstone, we should not confuse a true and natural moonstone with a false moonstone.

In the current market you can find opalite for sale as a moonstone, which is actually a synthetic stone very similar to glass and that has an optical effect but does not resemble adularescence at all.

Opalite can be distinguished from natural moonstone by the uniformity of synthetic stone. The opalite is completely uniform, transparent, without cracks and without inclusions, unlike the original moonstone, which has a much more irregular and cracked appearance.

Etymology: the names of the moonstone:

Moonstone, Moonstone, Moonstone, Rainbow Moonstone, these are all trade names and there is not much information on the etymology of these names.

One of the theories is that, in a malicious way, after the arrival of man on the moon, they tried to sell adularies as stones from the moon. Another theory refers to the Greek lunar goddess Hecate, because the French mineralogist Jean-Claude Delamétherie has named this stone Hecatolyte.

But apparently, the relationship of this mineral with the moon has its origins in the name of the stone in Sanskrit, Chandrakanta mani, which means something like jewel of moonlight, a very accurate definition if we consider the brightness of the adularescence of the moonstone.

History and legends of the moonstone:

Surely the moonstone has fascinated humanity since the earliest times of history and there are indications that this mineral has been widely used in lunar ceremonies and rituals of ancient civilizations, such as the Egyptian, the Greek and the Roman.

Its use as an amulet has also been widespread. Considered a lunar stone (related to the cycles of the moon) it was used to increase fertility and protect women.

In countries of the Middle East, a moonstone gem was sewn into the clothes of the woman who wanted to become pregnant.

The ancient Romans believed that moonstone came from solidified moonbeams and that the image of their moon goddess was displayed on the stone.

The Greeks represented with this stone the great lunar deities such as Artemis, Selene and Hecate.

In the Hindu tradition it is considered the stone of the sacred moon, according to the legends this gem develops under the influence of the moon and, as it grows, absorbs its magical properties.

In a more recent chapter of our history, during Modernism, the moonstone played an important role in artistic jewelery, present in the works of various goldsmiths of the Belle Époque and had a special importance in the creations of the famous René Lalique.

Properties of the moonstone and its characteristics in the esoteric sphere:

Within the metaphysical parameters the moonstone is considered a mineral full of powers.

His analogy with the moon transcends time and reaches the New Age movement with great force full of esoteric meaning.

In this framework, the moonstone is considered a great ally to develop intuition and psychic powers.

It is a stone that personifies all the mysticism and mysteries of the moon.

It is considered a talisman for those who travel at night or cross the seas.

It encompasses femininity, change, fertility and love. It is also related to water and tides.

It is the stone of the woman par excellence. Its energy concerning the moon is feminine in nature and for this reason it is considered a calming, calming and enhancer of good feelings. It is also a powerful charm to achieve pregnancy.

Today, based on various ancient beliefs and Ayurvedic medicine, the moonstone is being widely used to balance the vital cycles and energy fields of the body.

Under this approach, moonstone has energetic properties that restore, among other things, the sleep cycle and hormonal cycles.

As it could not be different, in astrology it is the stone of the sign of Cancer that is ruled by the moon.

Moonstone qualities:

Like any stone, moonstone can have various qualities.

A moonstone is considered of high quality when the optical effect that characterizes it is quite visible and intense. High quality gems with intense white or transparent luster are usually used in jewelry. The presence of scratches or cracks does not represent a poor quality since they are typical of moonstone due to its characteristic crystallization in layers and are precisely what produces adularescence.

In costume jewelery or ornamental objects a quality is used, commonly called rainbow moonstone, which has a massive appearance and large black inclusions. They are stones with less optical effect and the sparkles can be appreciated only in some points of the stone.

Moonstone Jewelry:

Moonstone is in fashion , or better yet, it has never stopped being.

It is a stone that fits into any style. Whether in a gothic, classic vintage or modern jewel, the moonstone always fascinates.

To emphasize its brilliance and its luminous sparkles, the moonstone in jewelry is normally worked in a cabochon format.

Silver and moonstone jewelry are very popular since silver also has a strong relationship with the moon.

Moonstone pendants and rings usually have large stones, and moonstone earrings must be smaller to avoid being uncomfortable due to the weight of natural stone.

Moonstone bracelets are quite an interesting fashion accessory. In a bracelet the moonstone can look much more because we are always moving the wrist and when changing the angle the optical effect caused by the incidence of light on the gem is much more visible.

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