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The chakras are like energy points that can not be reached measure of how powerful they are, and which are located in the human body.

Each chakra represents one thing and is located in different parts of the body that we detail below.

The Sanskrit word chakrá means circle or disc. Do you know the meaning of each and where the 7 Chakras stand in the human body?

  • Mula-Adhara (his translation is 'root support') is located between the anus and genitals, specifically at the point where the body is supported by sitting cross-legged.
  • Sua adhisthana (translates as 'your-own place-of-being'): it can be found in the umbilical region, near the navel.
  • Maní-pura (meaning 'jewel-city'): specifically located at the tip of the stomach, by the spleen. an-ajata (which means 'no-hurt' or 'no-hit'): this part does just the reference center of the chest, near the breastbone.
  • Vi-Shudha (shown as 'very pure') positioned in the larynx, namely the height of the nose.
  • Agna-Akhia (indicates the 'known by the understanding') located at the junction of the coronal and sagittal sutures, which corresponds to the top of the skull (which is also called the crown). It is said that in the gaps in this area, there are several faculties and divinities.