Pack of 10 orgonite pendants

Pack of 10 orgonite pendants
  • Pack of 10 orgonite pendants
  • orgonite pendant

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Pack of 10 orgonite pendants with chakra stones and esoteric symbols.

This package includes 10 round orgonite pendants, each adorned with chakra-representative stones and a different esoteric symbol. There are no symbol repetitions in the set.

The symbols are delicately crafted on a golden metal sheet and placed over colorful stone chips corresponding to the 7 chakras. The entire ensemble is protected by a layer of resin.

Each pendant has a diameter of approximately 4 cm. Since they are handmade, the symbols may not be perfectly centered on the circumference. Each pendant comes with a black cord.

The price is for the complete set of 10 pendants.


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