Chakra bracelet with natural stones

  • Chakra bracelets with natural stones
  • Chakra bracelet with natural stones
  • English: 7th Chakra Bracelet with Crystal Quartz
  • 6th Chakra Bracelet with Amethyst
  • 5th Chakra Bracelet with Sodalite
  • 4th Chakra Bracelet with Green Aventurine
  • 3rd Chakra Bracelet with Tiger Eye
  • 2nd Chakra Bracelet with Orange Aventurine
  • 1st Chakra Bracelet with Red Jasper
5th Chakra Bracelet with Sodalite

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Adjustable Chakra natural stone bracelet

This Chakra bracelet with the seven Chakra stones is made with natural minerals that represent the seven colors of the major Chakras.

The stones are: clear quartz, amethyst, sodalite, green aventurine, tiger's eye, orange aventurine, and red jasper.

The bracelet can be purchased in 8 different options: 7 options made with a single type of stone relative to one of the Chakras and composed of 9 beads, and the 8th option that carries the seven stones of the 7 Chakras, one of each, making a total of 7 beads in the bracelet.

Each stone measures about 10 mm x 8 mm x 8 mm and is threaded both inside and outside, macrame style. The bracelet is adjustable and features a sliding adjustment system being its minimum internal circumference between 16 cm and 17 cm.

Sold individually.

Natural stones may have variations in color, asymmetries, inclusions, and natural fissures, which are typical characteristics of the artisanal work done in natural stone.