Quartz pendulum (India)

  • Quartz pendulum (India)
  • Quartz pendulum (India) - amethyst
  • Quartz pendulum (India) - white quartz
  • Quartz pendulum (India) - crystal quartz
  • Quartz pendulum (India) - golden quartz
  • Quartz pendulum (India) - rose quartz
Quartz pendulum (India) - crystal quartz

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Assorted quartz pendulums, handicrafts from India.

They are handcrafted natural quartz pendulums in India.

This type of craftsmanship in natural quartz can present alterations typical of minerals such as natural fissures, inclusions and a wide range of nuances, as well as certain characteristics of artisan work such as asymmetries and discrepancies in measurements.

Most of them present the traditional format with 6 sides, but exceptionally some can have 8 or 12 sides as well as the upper part cut straight.

Size: From 3 cm to 4 cm in height.

A quartz pendulum is ideal for radiesthesia and for perceiving energies. These pendulums are very useful when combined with Reiki and other natural therapies.

Available in: African amethyst, rose quartz, white quartz (opaque), crystal quartz (translucent) and gold quartz.

The images show examples, the price is unitary, the buyer will receive a similar pendulum according to the selected quartz.


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