Rose Quartz

One of the most beautiful quartz, rose quartz is a semi-precious stone associated with love. Its soft pink color enchants, inspires tenderness and good feelings.

Whoever chooses to buy rose quartz does so not only for its beauty but also for its meaning.

Properties of rose quartz

The pale pink of rose quartz is due to the presence of titanium in this mineral. Otherwise its physical and chemical properties are similar to other quartz.

Chemically its composition is silica or Silicon Dioxide (SiO2).

Its occurrence is mostly massive and is very abundant, being that it can be found almost everywhere in the world. .

Rose quartz is a very resistant stone due to its hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale.

Rose quartz, deposits around the world:

There are many areas in the world where rose quartz can be extracted, although the color and quality can be very different depending on the region from which it is extracted.

There are deposits of rose quartz in the African continent, Asia in Europe and in the American continent.

The most important deposits in terms of quantity are located on the African continent, in the United States and in Brazil, but in terms of color quality and transparency, the Madagascar mines stand out.

Meaning of rose quartz

The meaning of rose quartz is for many its esoteric analogy with the heart.

Within the universe of occult sciences and esotericism, rose quartz is considered the stone of love par excellence.

Since ancient times it was believed that rose quartz had magical powers, ancient Roman, Egyptian and Greek civilizations used jewelry made of rose quartz as powerful talismans.

The use of rose quartz is very old, pieces worked in rose quartz dating from 7000 BC. C. were found in the region of ancient Mesopotamia.

The ancient Egyptians attributed healing properties to rose quartz and used it to prevent aging.

Nowadays, the followers of the use of the energy of minerals usually assign to rose quartz a mystical meaning related to love, peace and good feelings.

What are the benefits of rose quartz?

Within the framework of practices based on Eastern philosophies, such as Reiki and the doctrines that embrace the concept of the Chakras, rose quartz serves as an energy stone to heal the 4th Chakra, which is the Heart Chakra, and with that help in romantic relationships.

According to this same point of view, the energetic properties of rose quartz provide important benefits on a physical and spiritual level, promoting a state of peace and well-being.

One of the benefits of rose quartz is supposed to be that this semi-precious stone heals the energetic heart. Another benefit of this mineral would be to reinforce self-esteem by stimulating self-esteem, in addition to helping to close emotional wounds, relieve pain and feelings of loss.

With that, the person who uses it is free from the anguish and sorrows of the soul. That would open the heart to new and good feelings.

Given the belief that the benefits of rose quartz act on the person who uses it, we can understand why it is said that rose quartz is the stone of love.

Astrology also provides a special meaning to rose quartz.

According to astrologers, rose quartz has important benefits for the natives of Taurus, being for these people a magical and powerful talisman.

Rose quartz cleaning and maintenance

At an esoteric level, it is advisable to energetically cleanse rose quartz with purification rituals similar to those used for other minerals.

It is advisable to clean the stones with a solution of water and salt or sea water. In addition, you can use incense or bathe them in the light of the moon or the sun. It should be noted that the salt method should not be used for parts that have metal settings.

A cloth moistened with soft water or mineral oil can be used to physically clean the rose quartz and remove dirt and dust. The blanks can be washed in running water.

The best thing to maintain the polish and shine of rose quartz jewelry is to store it separately from other jewelry and objects that can scratch the surface of the stone with rubbing.

Rose quartz is photosensitive and its color can fade, so if we want to keep it pink for several years we must avoid direct sunlight for prolonged periods.

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Wholesale Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is one of the minerals most demanded by the general public and that is why it should not be missing in any store that sells minerals and stones.

Given its popularity as a love stone and its wide use in so-called alternative therapies, rose quartz stone is one of the most commercialized by mineral stores, esoteric stores and herbalists that work with natural stones.

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Rose Quartz Pendants, Rings and Bracelets

Being a relatively low-priced mineral, rose quartz is used both as a semi-precious stone for the manufacture of bracelets, pendants and rings, as well as an ornamental stone in the manufacture of figures and decorative objects.

Rose quartz is a stone that hardly achieves total transparency, becoming more translucent than transparent. Normally, when worked as a gem, it is cut as a cabochon, which enhances its shine, its vitreous luster and accentuates its color.

However, a rose quartz stone can reach a fairly high value if it has a crystalline transparency. These rarities when found receive faceted carvings that add shine to the gem.

In both cases, rose quartz stones are used in the most diverse models of jewelery and costume jewelery. Cabochons of considerable sizes are common in rose quartz rings as well as on the pendants.

On the other hand, for the rose quartz earrings, small stones are used for greater comfort./p>

Rose quartz necklaces and bracelets are usually made with beads of different sizes and formats.

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Rose quartz beads

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