Large Rose Quartz Heart

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Large Rose Quartz Heart
  • Large Rose Quartz Heart
  • Large Rose Quartz Heart
  • Large Rose Quartz Heart
  • Large Rose Quartz Heart

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Large Handcrafted Rose Quartz Heart

Impressive handcrafted extra natural rose quartz heart, originating from India.

This majestic rose quartz heart weighs at least 1 kilogram, stands approximately 14 cm tall and has a thickness ranging from 3 to 4 cm. Its considerable size and light yet intense pink color make it an ideal centerpiece for any space.

Handcrafted with extra quality rose quartz, each heart captures the essence of traditional craftsmanship and the authenticity of natural minerals. Variations in color, small inclusions, cracks, or irregularities in size or shape are inherent characteristics of hand-worked natural stones and should not be seen as defects, but as certificates of authenticity and the unique charm of each artisanal piece.

To facilitate the display of samples in photographs, we have used supports that hold the pieces in an upright position.

The sale is made per unit and the photographs are only examples. A piece with similar characteristics will be sent, ensuring that each selected heart maintains the uniqueness and quality that represent these natural and artisanal treasures from India.

Each rose quartz heart is not just a decorative piece, but also an esoteric symbol of love and harmony.

In the spiritualist framework, rose quartz, known as the stone of love, is linked to the ability to heal emotionally and promote feelings of compassion and self-acceptance. These pieces help balance emotions and attract positive energies, making them more than just an object: a talisman for emotional well-being.


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