Rose Quartz Eggs

Rose Quartz Eggs

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Rose quartz eggs of various sizes for decorative use.

The rose quartz eggs come in various sizes, they are handcrafted decorative pieces and the price corresponds to one unit depending on the chosen weight.

Measurements are disparate, each rose quartz egg may have a different height and thickness from another of the same weight, there are eggs between 4 cm to 7 cm high.. The weight is approximate being possible a variation of about 10 grams for more or for less.

These eggs are made with natural rose quartz. The variations of tones, fissures and inclusions are typical of natural stone and are not considered flaws even if they are perceptible to the touch.

The image represents a sample of the quality of rose quartz eggs.

decorative eggs with all the properties of rose quartz but we discourage its use inside the body.

The bases must be purchased separately.


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