Eight-Sided Yellow Calcite Point

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Eight-Sided Yellow Calcite Point
  • Eight-Sided Yellow Calcite Point
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Eight-Sided Faceted Yellow Calcite Points

Originating from India, these radiant yellow calcite points are meticulously hand-carved into an obelisk shape with eight facets.

Each piece exhibits unique asymmetries and size variations, contributing to its natural charm and authenticity. Yellow calcite is celebrated for its bright solar hues, with each piece displaying a range of yellow shades from soft and pale to rich and golden. Additionally, some feature beautiful bands ranging from white to grey and may show small crystallization craters on the surface. These characteristics highlight the stone's natural beauty.

Each yellow calcite point measures approximately 8 to 10 cm in height with a thickness of about 2 cm. They are sold individually, without regard to weight or minor size variations.

The photographs provide a glimpse of the product's quality and aesthetic. Upon purchase, you will receive a point with similar features, ensuring each piece is unique.

Every piece comes in a specially designed packaging box to ensure its protection during transport and to enhance its presentation.


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