Amethyst points

Amethyst points

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Amethyst points by weight.

Amethyst tips faceted and handcrafted.

They are classified by weight, the height of each piece depends on the thickness of its base, for this reason the measurements can vary between points of the same weight.


Approximate measurements:
Approximate weight: Height:
10 grams Between 4 cm and 5 cm
20 grams Between 5 cm and 6 cm
30 grams Between 5 cm and 7 cm
40 grams Between 6 cm and 7 cm
50 grams Between 6 cm and 8 cm
70 grams Between 9 cm and 10 cm
90 grams Between 7 cm and 10 cm


In the image appears a model of the article, when buying an amethyst tip a similar piece is received.


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