Amethyst points

Amethyst points
  • Amethyst points
  • Amethyst points

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Hand carved amethyst points

They are beautiful amethyst points, handcrafted, with 6 facets, imported from India.

The price is per piece, regardless of weight or size.

As they are handmade, each piece has a different measurement from the other, being that in general, the tips measure from 8 to 10 cm high and the base can be about 2 cm thick.

This kind of amethyst is called African amethyst, it forms in veins with veins and inclusions of other stones. It has a purple color with different shades and when polished it reveals beautiful geometric patterns and bands of white quartz and other minerals. It can present a nice rustic appearance with natural fissures and small crystallization holes.

The images are a sample of the type and quality of the amethyst points, a similar point will be sent.


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