Amethyst ball

Amethyst ball

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African amethyst sphere in various measures.

Amethyst spheres measures are available for purchase according to the table:

Approximate measurements:
6,5 cm diameter 400 grams
6,8 cm diameter 450 grams
7,4 cm diameter 550 grams
7,9 cm diameter 700 grams
8,3 cm diameter 800 grams
8,7 cm diameter 950 grams

Amethyst balls shown in the image are examples of quality, you will receive a similar ball, according to size chosen.

African amethyst balls tend to present inclusions of other minerals such as jasper, quartz crystal, agate varieties, etc ....

Besides the crackle appearance it is typical of spheres of African amethyst and so are very unique and beautiful pieces.

The bases are not included.


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