Selenite Base sphere

  • Selenite Base sphere
  • Selenite Base sphere 4 cm
  • Selenite Base sphere 6 cm
  • Selenite Base sphere 5 cm
Selenite Base sphere 5 cm

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Handcrafted Selenite Base for Spheres.

It is a simple selenite base compatible with various sphere sizes. With this base, it is possible to display the sphere on smooth surfaces without it moving.

We offer two different sizes: 4 cm, 5 cm and 6 cm in diameter, all with a height of about 3 cm. We especially recommend the larger size for heavier spheres.

These handmade bases are carefully carved, highlighting the natural beauty of selenite. In addition to serving its practical function, they add a decorative and elegant touch to your sphere.

Each base is unique and may show subtle variations in texture and dimensions, adding authenticity to your piece.

The price varies by size and is per unit.

These bases originate from Morocco, renowned for the quality of its selenite.

Elevate the presentation of your spheres with these handmade bases, merging functionality and aesthetics into a unique piece.


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