Amethyst spheres

Amethyst spheres

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African amethyst sphere in various sizes.

The amethyst spheres are available for purchase in different diameters.

The price corresponds to a sphere of the selected measure. The measurement refers to the approximate diameter.

The amethyst spheres that are shown in the images are examples of the quality, you will receive a sphere similar in quality and with an approximate diameter to the chosen measure.

TheAfrican amethyst spheres usually have inclusions of other minerals such as jasper, crystal quartz, agate varieties, etc... In addition, the cracked appearance is typical of the spheres of African amethyst and that is why they are unique and very beautiful pieces.

They are carved in India and, like all handcrafted natural stone products, they may contain irregularities in the polishing and in the format.

Bases not included in the price.


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