Set of 5 Star Ruby and Sterling Silver Pendants (50 grams)


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Set of 5 Star Ruby and Sterling Silver 925 Pendants (50 grams)

This exclusive set of star ruby pendants, originating from India, is meticulously handcrafted using certified sterling silver 925, compliant with Spanish legislation.

Upon purchasing a set, you will receive the exact pieces shown in the photograph associated with the set number you have selected.

Each pendant is unique and distinctive. Including the bail, the measurements vary between 25 mm and 35 mm in height and 15 mm to 20 mm in width, with a thickness that may reach up to 15 mm.

The total weight of this set of 5 pendants is 50 grams. The price indicated corresponds to the entire set.

The star ruby is known for its unique sparkles, often appearing as asterism, and also displays natural characteristics like veins and small cracks. Each pendant showcases these unique qualities, making it a testament to the natural beauty of the stone.

The sterling silver enhances the intensity of the star ruby, creating a perfect harmony between the elegance of the metal and the originality of the gemstone.

The set is priced at a discount, offering a substantial saving compared to the usual unit price.


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