Green aventurine points

Green aventurine points

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Handcrafted green aventurine faceted points.

They are pieces of green aventurine carved in point faceted shape and in varied sizes.

As they are handmade, the measurements can vary according to the thickness and the height in relation to the weight.

The approximate sizes of green aventurine points are shown in the following table:


Approximate measurements:
Approximate weight: Height:
30 grams Between 4 cm and 6 cm
40 grams Between 5 cm and 7 cm
50 grams Between 6 cm and 8 cm
60 grams Between 7 cm and 8 cm
70 grams Between 7 cm and 9 cm
80 grams Between 9 cm and 10 cm
90 grams Between 9 cm and 11 cm
100 grams Between 10 cm and 12 cm


Will be sent a point similar in quality to the pieces presented in the image, according to the chosen weight.


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