Mermet Jasper Pendulum

  • Mermet Jasper Pendulum
  • Mermet Red Jasper Pendulum
  • Mermet Wood Jasper Pendulum
  • Mermet Green Jasper Pendulum
Mermet Red Jasper Pendulum

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Jasper Ball Pendulums in Three Options: Wood Jasper, Green Jasper, and Red Jasper.

The structure of these pendulums harmoniously combines a jasper sphere with a diameter ranging from 16 mm to 20 mm with metallic elements, thus composing the traditional Mermet model.

The three available options are: Wood Jasper, Green Jasper, and Red Jasper, each variant offers distinctive qualities and unique benefits.

Within the various varieties of jasper, Wood Jasper stands out for its connection to the earth, Green Jasper is associated with healing and harmony, while Red Jasper is recognized for its vitalizing energy.

Sold individually.

Artisanally crafted in India, these products are unique creations carved from natural stone, which may result in variations, asymmetries, and singularities inherent in manual work with natural materials.


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