10 Natural Stone Spherical Pendulums - pack

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10 Natural Stone Spherical Pendulums - pack
  • 10 Natural Stone Spherical Pendulums - pack
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  • Natural Stone Spherical Pendulums

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Pack of 10 Mermet-Style Natural Stone Spherical Pendulums

Pack of 10 Mermet-style spherical pendulums, each crafted from a distinct and unique natural stone.

This collection of pendulums includes a selection of stones, subject to availability, such as lapis lazuli, labradorite, tiger's eye, hematite, carnelian, rose quartz, agates, crystal, amethyst, azurite, fluorite, mahogany obsidian, and amazonite, ensuring no repetition. Each pendulum, following the Mermet style, is recognized for its high effectiveness in dowsing.

The stones, crafted by hand, feature a semi-rustic finish. The spheres, not perfectly round, vary in size from 1.4 cm to 2 cm in diameter, affecting the total length of the pendulum, which ranges from 3 cm to 4.5 cm, excluding the chain. These variations, far from being defects, add character and authenticity to each piece.

The price indicated is for the complete pack of 10 units.

Origin: India.

The pack is offered at a special price, where the cost of each unit within the lot represents a 20% discount compared to individual purchases of the pendulums.

Note: The images are for illustrative purposes, showing the variety of sizes and hues. When you place your order, you will receive a pack with pendulums of similar quality.


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