Semi-Polished Black Tourmaline Pendant

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Semi-Polished Black Tourmaline Pendant
  • Semi-Polished Black Tourmaline Pendant
  • Semi-Polished Black Tourmaline Pendant

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Semi-Polished Black Tourmaline Oval Pendant - Indian Craftsmanship

This black tourmaline pendant, with an oval shape and semi-polished finish, stands as a notable example of Indian craftsmanship. Its front side, adorned with characteristic natural longitudinal striations, enhances the inherent beauty of the stone in its raw state, while the flat and polished reverse offers a pleasant tactile experience.

Each pendant is crafted from selected pieces of raw schorl tourmaline. Owing to its artisanal nature, the sizes vary, typically ranging between 2.5 cm and 4 cm in height, excluding the bail. This ensures that each piece is unique and special.

Available for individual sale, the listed price corresponds to a single pendant. While the images are indicative, each dispatched pendant will be of equivalent quality, maintaining the uniqueness in shape and texture that defines these pendants.

In the esoteric sphere, black tourmaline is renowned for its effectiveness in repelling the evil eye. Valued as a protective shield against negative energies and harmful external influences, it becomes an essential ally for spiritual safeguarding and energetic balance.


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