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Healing wand amethyst pendulum

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Selected Stone:

Pendulum for Radiesthesia in the Form of a Healing Wand.

This captivating pendulum is designed as an authentic healing wand, crafted from genuine materials for the practice of radiesthesia.

Artisanally made in India with natural stones, each one is unique, as the dimensions vary significantly from one to another, presenting the typical alterations of natural stones such as cracks, inclusions, and chromatic variations.

Comprising three distinctive parts joined by silver-colored copper settings:

Natural Stone Body: You can choose from crystal quartz, amethyst, lapis lazuli, sodalite, green aventurine, green jade, rose quartz, or moonstone.

Point and Sphere of Crystal Quartz: Located at the ends of the pendulum.

Overall, the total dimensions of the pendulum, excluding the chain and ring, range between 7 cm and 9 cm in length, with a thickness that oscillates between 1 cm and 2 cm.

The price corresponds to a pendulum of quality similar to the examples shown in the images.

This beautiful pendulum model is ideal for reiki and radiesthesia. Its stones provide the optimal weight for the proper functioning of the pendulum. The design of the pendulum, with its healing wand shape, facilitates an intuitive and harmonious connection with the surrounding energies.


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