Briolette-cut pendulum

  • Briolette-cut pendulum
  • Briolette-cut pendulum of amethist
  • Briolette-cut pendulum of green aventurine
  • Briolette-cut pendulum of cristal clear quartz
  • Briolette-cut pendulum of rose quartz
Briolette-cut pendulum of green aventurine

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Briolette-cut mineral pendulum.

This drop-shaped pendulum is briolette-cut with multiple facets.

As they are handcrafted, the shape of each pendulum may vary. Additionally, natural stones have their own unique characteristics such as a wide range of shades, small fissures, inclusions, etc.

Generally, each pendulum measures between 2.5 cm and 3.5 cm in height.

The briolette-cut pendulum is available in amethyst, rose quartz, cristal clear quartz, and green aventurine.

The price corresponds to a unit similar in quality to those represented in the images.

Handcrafted in India.


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