Black obsidian Shiva lingam

Black obsidian Shiva lingam

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Shiva-lingam of black obsidian in various sizes.

The price is by weight and per unit. Sizes varied according to the table below:

Approximate measurements:
Weight: Height:
300 grams 7,9 cm
350 grams 8,1 cm
400 grams 8,7 cm
450 grams 9 cm
500 grams 9,2 cm
550 grams 9,5 cm
590 grams 6,8 cm
700 grams 9,7 cm
750 grams 10,5 cm
800 grams 11,4 cm
1,08 kg 12 cm

The Shiva lingam is the sign of god Shiva, is a phallic symbol in Hinduism it represents the male energy.

Being a handcrafted product made with natural stone, there is no exactly alike, we will send a Shiva-lingam of the same quality as shown in the photo according to your choice of size.


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