Green quartz Eggs


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Decorative green quartz eggs, sizes to choose from.

Green Quartz Eggs handcrafted from natural stone for decoration and available in various sizes.

Unit price based on the weight of each piece.

To buy you have to choose the weight. Weight is approximate and there may be a difference of 10 grams for less or for more.

The measurements are relative to the weight but they vary a lot, since eggs of the same weight can have different measurements of height and thickness.

The image shows a sample of green quartz eggs. The presence of fissures, cracks and irregularities on the surface of the egg does not represent a flaw, they are totally normal since they are natural stone.

We discourage the introduction of decorative eggs inside the human body.

We will send one unit per chosen weight.

The bases can be purchased at this link.

In the image a sample of tree agate eggs can be appreciated.

We send one unit for each chosen weight.

Bases can be purchased at this link.


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