Orange aventurine eggs

Orange aventurine eggs

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Decorative eggs of natural orange aventurine in various sizes.

These orange aventurine eggs are handcrafted and are available in various sizes.

The price corresponding to the weight. The measures vary according to the weight and thickness of each one, being that they can be between 4 cm to 7 cm high approximately.

As they are made of natural stone, they preserve all the characteristics of orange aventurine. The presence of irregularities, porosities, fissures and cracks are typical of this type of material and are not considered flaws.

An egg will be sent according to the chosen weight of quality similar to the copies in the photo. The weight is approximate and can present about 10 grams of more or less.

These eggs are for decorative use, we advise against introducing into the human body any type of object made of natural stone.

The bases are sold separately.


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