Narmada jasper sphere

Narmada jasper sphere

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Narmada Jasper spheres in various sizes.

We have several sizes of Narmada jasper spheres to sale.

Approximate measurements:
3,5 cm diameter 60 grams
3,7 cm diameter 70 grams
3,9 cm diameter 80 grams
4,2 cm diameter 100 grams
4,5 cm diameter 140 grams
4,8 cm diameter 160 grams
5,0 cm diameter 180 grams
5,5 cm diameter 240 grams
5,8 cm diameter 280 grams

It is a sacred stone in India. This jasper is found naturally in the form of elongated shape boulders in the river Narmada.

In the picture you can see examples of spheres and sizes available.

Depending on the size chosen a sphere of comparable quality will be sent.

The bases must be purchased separately.


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