Cream moonstone sphere

Cream moonstone sphere

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Cream moonstone spheres, various diameters available.

They are cream moonstone spheres, handcrafted in India.

Cream moonstone is a variety of feldspar that is cream in color with orange hues. It has a nice cracked appearance due to its type of crystallization, with the presence of cracks both internally and on the surface of the sphere.

It should be noted that since it is handcrafted, the measurements are approximate and the spherical format may have irregularities and asymmetries.

These cream moonstone spheres can be purchased in different sizes, the price is per unit depending on the size chosen. The measurement corresponds to the approximate diameter of the sphere.

The image shows examples of the available spheres, a sphere of similar quality and according to the selected measurement will be sent.

The bases must be purchased separately.


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