Black obsidian sphere

Black obsidian sphere

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Black obsidian spheres in various sizes.

Black obsidian spheres with various measures to choose from.

Approximate measurements:
4,2 cm diameter 110 grams
4,4 cm diameter 130 grams
4,6 cm diameter 150 grams
4,8 cm diameter 170 grams
5,0 cm diameter 200 grams
5,2 cm diameter 230 grams
5,4 cm diameter 250 grams
5,6 cm diameter 270 grams
5,8 cm diameter 300 grams

Black obsidian is a very prized stone, according to the pre-Columbian cultures this semi-precious stone has the power to reveal hidden truths.

In the image we present sample spheres. sphere of similar quality and the size chosen will be sent.

The bases are offered for sale separately.


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