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black tourmaline sphere

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Black Tourmaline Spheres of Various Sizes

Black tourmaline spheres, available in various sizes to choose from.

Being handcrafted from natural stone, these spheres exhibit irregularities and asymmetries, as well as veins and cracks characteristic of black tourmaline, highlighting their unique beauty and authenticity.

The spheres shown in the image represent the quality and appearance of the black tourmaline spheres we offer. Depending on the selected diameter, a sphere of similar quality to the examples shown will be sent.

The price indicated corresponds to a sphere, according to the size chosen by the customer.

Bases are offered for sale separately.

Black tourmaline is recognized for its properties as a protective stone against the emanations of negative energies. It is popularly considered an effective amulet against the evil eye and other adversities, providing a protective shield to its bearer.


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