black tourmaline sphere

black tourmaline sphere

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Spheres of black tourmaline in various diameters.

Black tourmaline spheres with various sizes to choose from.

Approximate measurements:
4,0 cm diameter 100 grams
4,5 cm diameter 140 grams
5,0 cm diameter 200 grams
5,5 cm diameter 250 grams
5,8 cm diameter 300 grams
6,0 cm diameter 330 grams
6,2 cm diameter 350 grams
6,4 cm diameter 400 grams
6,6 cm diameter 460 grams
6,8 cm diameter 500 grams
7,0 cm diameter 550 grams
7,6 cm diameter 700 grams

The black tourmaline is known as a protective stone against negative emanations and is popularly known as a protective amulet against the evil eye.

Spheres on picture are a sample of spheres black tourmaline available, depending on the size chosen sphere similar to the picture quality will be sent.

The bases are offered for sale separately.


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