Auralite 23 crystals by weight

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Auralite 23 crystals by weight
  • Auralite 23 crystals by weight
  • Auralite 23 crystals by weight

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Auralite 23 rough crystals to buy by weight.

They are auralite 23 crystals that can be purchased individually depending on the weight of each piece.

These auralite crystals come from Brazil and retain their natural format, as the tip of each crystal has been slightly polished to remove non-relevant materials from the stone's surface and add shine by enhancing its nuances.

The price is according to the selected weight. The images are a sample, a similar crystal will be sent according to the chosen weight being that the weight is approximate and can vary about 10 grams for more or less.

Auralite is the name given to a very beautiful type of amethyst that presents a unique combination of components that makes this stone highly valued in the metaphysical context for its esoteric properties.


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