Labradorite pyramids

Labradorite pyramids

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Pyramids of Labradorite.

These beautiful labradorite pyramids have a fascinating effect of iridescence very typical of this stone, an effect also known as labradorescency.

Pyramids are like catalysts of cosmic energy, they are very used in natural therapies, channeling energies, to harmonize the environment and to help the chakras.

In Reiki you can use a pyramid in the middle of the Reiki grill for each level.

There are three different base measures you can choose from:

  • Base 3.50 cm x 3.50 cm, weighing approximately 50 gr.
  • Base 4 cm x 4 cm, with an approximate weight of 75 gr.
  • Base of 4.50 cm x 4.50 cm, weighing approximately 100 gr.

Labradorite is a carrier of light, it has the property of illuminating the consciousness and raising the spirit. It favors intuition and attracts inspiration. In addition, it dispels negative energies, reinforces friendship and love.


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