Serpentine pyramid, 5 cm

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Serpentine pyramid, 5 cm
  • Serpentine pyramid, 5 cm
  • Serpentine pyramid, 5 cm

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Green serpentine pyramid with a base of approximately 5 cm.

Pyramids for decoration made by hand in natural serpentine stone, from India.

The base of each pyramid can be between 4.5 cm to 5 cm. They are artisanal and ornamental pieces that do not keep proportions between the measurements of the base and the height, nor are they absolutely symmetrical.

They are sold per piece and the price corresponds to one unit.

They have a fine polish, but as it is natural stone there may be cracks, fissures and natural inclusions of the serpentine. This does not appear as a defect since the serpentine is a marbled stone with a beautiful appearance precisely due to its veins and nuances.

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