Semi-Raw Amethyst Points - 1 Kilogram Lot

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Semi-Raw Amethyst Points - 1 Kilogram Lot
  • Semi-Raw Amethyst Points - 1 Kilogram Lot
  • Semi-Raw Amethyst Point

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1 Kilogram Lot of Semi-Raw Amethyst Points

This lot, approximately 1 kilogram from India, features semi-raw Amethyst points and consists of about 4 to 6 pieces. Each piece is noted for its artisanally polished tip and base, highlighting six irregular facets that contrast with the rough sides. This mix of polished and natural finishes underscores the uniqueness of the stone.

The beautiful characteristic purple color of Amethyst, streaked with inclusions of other minerals, is evident in each of these points. Additionally, the veins and cracks that emerge from within the mineral tell the ancient geological story of its formation.

The variation in size and shape of each point ensures that each lot is unique, enhancing the natural value of these semi-precious stones.

The images serve as a representative sample of the variety and average size of the pieces included in each lot. The price indicated is for the complete 1 kilogram lot.


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