Serpentine points

Serpentine points
  • Serpentine points
  • Serpentine points

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Green serpentine points of approximately 10 cm.

Decorative points made by hand in natural serpentine stone, originally from India.

Each serpentine point can be between 9 cm to 11 cm high and around 2 cm thick. They have a 6-sided obelisk format, but since they are handmade pieces, they are not absolutely symmetrical.

The price corresponds to a unit and has no correlation with the weight.

They are finely polished, although they are not free from fissures, cracks and natural inclusions of the serpentine. Serpentine is a very beautiful marbled stone precisely because of the presence of veins with different shades and textures.

The images contain examples of the product. By purchasing a serpentine point the customer will receive a piece of similar quality.