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Agate points
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Faceted points of natural colored agate.

They are beautiful faceted agate points, made by hand and from India.

Three kinds of agate can be found in these points, even in the same piece: Tree agate (a mixture of white and green bands), Indian agate (a mixture of green, terracotta and reddish areas) and mossy agate ( contains moss-like inclusions in the water).

Each agate point is an odd piece from the artisanal carving of natural stone. For this reason, the tips present variations in size and weight, as well as asymmetries in the format. In addition, the surface of the tips usually has inclusions, crystallized craters, fissures and cracks typical of natural agate.

The approximate size is between 9 cm and 11 cm high with variable thickness around 2 cm. The format is a 6-sided obelisk.

The price is per unit regardless of the weight of the piece and the variation in size.

When buying an agate point you will receive a quality piece equivalent to those shown in the photo.


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