Green quartz tips

Green quartz tips

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Green quartz faceted tips sold by weight.

They are green quartz pieces carved in the shape of a point with 6 facets and available in various sizes.

Being handmade, the measurements in relation to the weight can vary according to the thickness and height. Their faces are asymmetrical and are carved like this to emulate the quartz crystal tips.

As they are made of natural stone, they present natural fissures and cracks of green quartz and some of these irregularities may be noticeable to the touch but are not considered flaws.

Measurements can vary between 6 cm to 15 cm high and the base can be between 2 to 5 cm wide. Pieces of similar weight can have different measurements depending on the height x width ratio.

The weight is approximate and can vary about 10 grams for more or for less.

We will send a tip of similar quality to the pieces shown in the image according to the chosen measure.


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