Quartz Crystal Vogel Style

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Quartz Crystal Vogel Style
  • Quartz Crystal Vogel Style
  • Quartz Crystal Vogel Style
  • Quartz Crystal Vogel Style

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Biterminated Vogel-Style Carved Quartz Crystal

These Vogel-style carved natural quartz crystals exhibit exceptional transparency and quality. Although they do not follow the exact proportions stipulated by Marcel Vogel*, these crystals are ideal for those interested in the energetic properties of quartz.

With an approximate size ranging from 8 cm to 10 cm in length, each crystal is biterminated, featuring a wider tip at one end and a narrower one at the other, with its 12 facets carefully polished. They often have some internal inclusions, witnesses of their natural origin and formation process. Each piece is unique, displaying possible asymmetries and irregularities typical of craftsmanship, which add character and uniqueness to the crystal.

The images serve as a representative sample of the quality and style of the crystals available, each with its natural charm.

The price indicated corresponds to one piece.

Origin: India.

*Marcel Vogel was a pioneering scientist and researcher at IBM, who devoted part of his life to the study of quartz crystals and their use in healing practices, developing a unique carving technique to enhance the effects of these crystals.


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