Natural Amethyst Points - 1kg Lot

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Natural Amethyst Points - 1kg Lot
  • Natural Amethyst Points - 1kg Lot
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1 Kilo Lot of Natural Amethyst Points

This lot includes between 4 to 6 pieces of natural amethyst points, with a total approximate weight of 1 kilogram. They are pieces of varied sizes and of an intense purple colour.

The amethyst points are presented in a semi-rough state, highlighting their texture and natural shape. Each piece undergoes a lateral cleaning process, the base is cut to stabilise it, and the tip is polished to enhance its shine and unique colouration. These procedures, carried out with the utmost respect for the stone's original format, enhance the aesthetics of the amethyst, preserving the essence of its natural beauty.

The attached images serve as examples of the final product. The last one specifically shows the amethyst in its raw state, in order to illustrate the transformation of the stone from its original condition to the final finish.


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