Giant Amethyst Tips

Giant Amethyst Tips
  • Giant Amethyst Tips
  • Giant Amethyst Tips
  • Giant Amethyst Tips

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Giant rough amethyst tips by weight.

They are impressive large amethyst tips, remnants of geodes and veins of gigantic crystals that formed thousands of years ago in the subsoil of Northeast Brazil.

These mines were newly discovered and the material that is being obtained from them impresses with their high quality, their intense color and the large size of their tips.

The tips format is completely natural and they have only had the base cut to keep them standing.

The measurements are relative to the weight, being that the smallest measure about 6 cm high and the largest can reach about 15 cm high. The wider pieces have less height.

The price is relevant to the approximate weight that can vary about 20 grams for more or for less. Sold per unit.

The photos present a sample of the product. By buying an amethyst tip we will send you a similar piece of the same quality.


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