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Semi-Raw Pyrite Oval Pendant - Natural Beauty and Craftsmanship

Each semi-raw pyrite pendant is a unique piece, showcasing the fascinating and small cubic formations typical of pyrite crystallisation. These pendants, originating from India, reflect the inherent beauty in the natural forms of minerals.

The pendant is complemented by a ring of pure copper, maintaining its natural state to highlight its beauty and rustic character.

Handcrafted, the pendants vary in size, ranging approximately from 1.5 cm to 3 cm, excluding the ring, which gives each piece a distinctive character. Despite these variations, all maintain a distinctive visual appeal.

Sold individually. The price listed corresponds to one pendant.

The images are a sample, and a pendant of equal quality will be sent, each possessing its own uniqueness in terms of shape and crystallisation details.

Pyrite, known as fool's gold due to its metallic lustre similar to gold, is appreciated in various cultures for symbolising prosperity and protection, and is valued in jewellery for its unique cubic formations and intriguing natural aesthetics.


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