Calcite optic, pendant

Calcite optic, pendant
  • Calcite optic, pendant
  • Birefraction of optic calcite
  • Birefraction of optic calcite

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Rough optical calcite crystal pendant.

They are rough optic calcite crystals made pendants by means of a metal setting.

Each one has its own format and measurement since they are raw crystals. Each optical calcite crystal measures 2 to 3 cm.

The optic calcite presents rhombohedral crystallization. Its crystals have the curious property of birefraction that causes the optical illusion of duplicate images.

It is also known as Iceland spar, solar stone or stone of the Vikings due to the hypothesis that they used optical calcite to orient themselves in the sea.

The price is relative to a pendant similar in quality to the ones in the image samples.

Crafts from Brazil.


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