Pegasus, semi precious stones pendant

  • Pegasus, semi precious stones pendant
  • Pegasus, amethyst pendant
  • Pegasus, lapis lazuli pendant
  • Pegasus, onyx pendant
  • Pegasus, pendant
Pegasus, amethyst pendant

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Semi precious stones pegasus pendant.

This Pegasus-shaped pendant is available in amethyst, lapis lazuli and onyx.

It is made with a platinum color plated zinc alloy and is adorned with rhinestones.

Its measures are: 4.4 cm x 4 cm and about 20 grams.

The Pegasus is a winged horse which, according to Greek mythology, only the pure and noble heart could tame as it was able to detect evil in the human heart.

As amulet, it gives untethered freedom and the ability to get away from the bad intentions of others. It also provides artistic and poetic inspiration, being a symbol of personal development and spiritual growth.