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Chakra Orgonite Pendant - model 1

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Orgonite Pendant with the Colors of the Seven Chakras

We present the chakra orgonite pendants, handcrafted in India.

Each pendant, made of resin, measures about 5.5 cm x 1.5 cm x 1 cm and comes with a black cord of approximately 65 cm in length. We offer two models:

Model 1: This design, featuring a golden metal ring and clasp, is characterized by its stripes of natural stones that represent the colors of the chakras. It includes two overlapping copper spirals and metallic shavings, a combination that reflects the harmony and energy of the chakras.

Model 2: With a silver-colored ring, this model is composed of stripes of dyed crystals in the colors of the chakras and stands out for its vibrant tones. It features the symbols of the chakras artistically engraved in cutouts on a thin sheet of golden metal, accompanied by metallic shavings, offering a unique and significant aesthetic.

Each unit is sold separately.

These orgonite pendants, valued in the esoteric world, are considered beneficial for balancing personal chakra energies, promoting well-being and inner harmony.


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