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6 mm beads Indian agate necklace, knotted

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Long necklace of Indian agate, knotted.

These necklaces are completely handmade, they present Indian agate beads, which gives them all the beauty of natural stone due to its veins and colors.

This type of natural stone necklace stands out for the work of knotting between bead and bead, they are boho chic style pieces, elegant but natural. Ideal for a set of two necklaces.

There are two sizes to choose from:

6mm: The necklace is made with 6mm diameter beads, measuring about 42cm in length with a circumference of about 84cm.

8 mm: Made with 8 mm diameter beads, it is the longest option, about 52 cm, with a circumference of about 104 cm.

They are sold per unit and the price corresponds to a necklace according to the chosen measure.

The agate was considered by the ancients as a magical stone. It brings forth eloquence, courage, self-confidence and creativity. It attracts wealth and protects against the evil eye. It is the stone of prosperity.


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