Short Classic Style Garnet Necklace

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Short Classic Style Garnet Necklace
  • Short Classic Style Garnet Necklace
  • Short Classic Style Garnet Necklace

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Short Garnet Bead Gradient Necklace with Classic Style

This necklace, with its timeless classic style, is composed of natural garnet beads in a gradient of sizes ranging from the most prominent at 12 mm to the most discreet at 5 mm. With a total length of 45 cm, this short necklace is a staple of elegance and sophistication.

Each bead has been carefully selected to ensure a harmonious transition in size, giving the necklace a unique structure and organic flow.

The garnet, valued for its deep and dark reddish hues, provides a natural and authentic beauty, inherent to precious stones.

The variations in color, as well as the veins and cracks in the garnet, are distinctive features of this natural stone and give each necklace a unique identity and its own character.

The screw clasp is discreetly integrated into the design, offering security and comfort during wear.

The price corresponds to a single necklace.


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