Tree of Life necklace

  • Tree of Life necklace - fuchsia jade
  • Tree of Life necklace
  • Tree of Life necklace
  • Tree of Life necklace - mossy agate
  • Tree of Life necklace - Bian stone
Tree of Life necklace - Bian stone

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Necklace of semiprecious stones with a pendant of the Tree of Life.

This precious necklace made in 6 mm diameter beads in three different semi-precious stones (mossy agate, fuchsia jade or Bian Stone), has spacers and a 1.50 cm Tree of Life pendant made of silver colored zinc alloy.

The length of this necklace is 41 cm open and has a weight of about 24 gr. It is a short necklace that quite fits neck, ideal for young people.

Tree of Life is a symbol very prevalent in different cultures and mythologies of the whole world, symbolizes the three cosmic levels: the subsoil, represented by the roots, the surface of the earth, represented by the trunk, and the sky, symbolized by the branches. This would symbolize the origin of life and its evolution, without forgetting the roots.

As an amulet, the Tree of Life symbolizes health, fertility, prosperity, wealth, joy, peace and long life.



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